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As a general guide, planned preventative maintenance (PPM) visits should take place
once per year as a minimum, however many Clients prefer the PPM to be carried out
at six-monthly intervals

The following checks are made during the routine maintenance visits:

  • A visual check of the installation for completeness, stability of towers and brackets, mechanical damage and wear.

  • All flexible connections.

  • A visual check of each camera image.

  • A visual check of each video monitor.

  • Control equipment: Pre-set camera tours/image sequencing.

  • Pan/tilt/zoom capabilities of any non-static cameras.

  • Recording equipment, where fitted: Playback a test sequence.

  • Operator confidence in the routine use of the System.


Additional checks for remotely monitored CCTV systems:

  • Review operational logs with the RVRC to determine whether any deterioration in the system operation has occurred.

  • Transmission equipment, where fitted.

  • Detector activation equipment, where fitted.

  • Audio warning audibility, where fitted.

  • SETTING and triggering – for movement detection systems.