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As a general guide, planned preventative maintenance (PPM) visits should take place once per year as a minimum, however many Clients prefer the PPM to be carried out at six-monthly intervals in-line with manufacturers’ recommendations.Additionally, the PPM interval may be influenced by the volume of people passing through controlled doorways (access points). Doors with frequent entry/exit movements are likely to be affected by greater wear than low usage doors, such as emergency fire exits, and may require more frequent attention to locks and automatic closing equipment.


The following checks should be made during the routine maintenance visits:

    • A visual check of the installation for completeness, mechanical damage & wear.
    • The satisfactory operation of door locks/magnets, both latching and releasing.
    • The satisfactory operation of automatic door closers.
    • The satisfactory release of door locks on operation of Egress Buttons.
    • The satisfactory release of door locks on operation of Emergency Breakglass.
    • The satisfactory release of door locks on operation of the Fire Alarm, (where an interconnection is provided).
    • All flexible connections.
    • The correct operation of normal (and any standby) power supplies.
    • The control equipment.
    • The operation of any warning device e.g. door held open buzzer.
    • User confidence in routine administration of the System
    • Health & Safety check of all locking devices to ensure security of fixing